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Mid-semester Online CTLE

Mid-semester Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLEs)

The Centre supports the mandatory Mid-semester University-wide Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement Exercise which aims to gauge the effectiveness of course teaching and learning, and to provide feedback for improvement.

1. Welcome Video

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has to do it, who gets to see it, when must it be done, how should it be conducted, how can I get the results back, what do I do with the feedback, etc. Click here to visit the FAQs .

3. How to set up a CTLE Questionnaire

Instructions Leaflet

Video instructions

  • Setup Online CTLE in Moodle (video):

4. Teaching Guide – Information on administering and utilizing the Questionnaire

Workshop Video:

Powerpoint slides: [PDF]


- OnlineCTLE (Old version)* For access reports of last semester only