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The Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP) Unit 4

LTDP Unit 4

You are invited to a work-based professional development programme for higher education professionals. It is a university requirement for graduate students with teaching responsibility and those faculty with less than three years' university teaching experience to attend the programme and others interested in enriching their teaching and development experiences at Lingnan University are most welcome. 

The Programme will provide academic/teaching staff with an environment for review and reflection on current learning strategies and teaching practices with the aim of developing and enhancing teaching and  learning practice that is suited a liberal arts environment as well as to specific disciplines. 

The LTDP is designed to provide opportunities for:

1. Participation in face to face and online discussions (blended learning); 

2. Interaction with colleagues from various disciplines (community of practice); 

3. Reflection on personal teaching and learning experiences, practices and beliefs; 

4. Receipt of constructive and formative peer feedback; 

5. Experience of a range of teaching/learning strategies and e-technologies; 

6. Developing/enhancing a reflective teaching portfolio (professional standards/ recognition) 

Each of the 7 LTDP study units commences with an introductory two-hour seminar scheduled at one-monthly intervals and will be reinforced through reflective postings and commentary on Moodle.

Unit 4 -  " Motivate, Engage & Empower: Lessons from leadership in the classroom", is scheduled on Monday 2nd February 2015, and participants are offered the choice of either a morning (10:00am – 12:00pm) and late afternoon (4:30 – 6:30pm) time slot to best meet their schedules. 

Click on this link below for further programme information and enrolment procedures.