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Mid-semester Online CTLE

Mid-semester Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLEs)

The Centre supports the mandatory Mid-semester University-wide Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement Exercise which aims to gauge the effectiveness of course teaching and learning, and to provide feedback for improvement.

1. Welcome Video

2. Quick Links

Technical Guide: Downloadable pdf Technical Guide: Video clip

3. Full Guides

Both the Hands-on Guide and the workshop video cover all aspects of the online CTLE – technical, teaching and pedagogical.

Hands-on Guide for Academics #3:
Mid-Semester Online CTLE
Mid-Semester Online CTLE Workshop Video
Turnitin, Plagiarism and Assessment (Click to download)



- OnlineCTLE (Old version)* For access reports of last semester only


Please register to join the Online CTLE workshop on 12 March 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm:

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