Adopting emerging technologies to enhance student engagement

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Although liberal arts education emphasizes close teacher-student relationship, there is no reason not to adopt technology to further engage students in classroom teaching and learning. This TDG proposal aims to explore if using one of Classroom Response Systems, namely uReply, before, during or after classes to complement face-to-face teaching is a good pedagogy or not at Lingnan University. Students can participate in various online activities such as online quizzes, polling and discussion using mobile phones or other mobile devices at any designated time. Since students are provided with instance feedback by uReply, they are expected to be more motivated to learn if the contents have not been covered or to seek clarifications if the contents have been covered. On the other hand, teachers will also have an initial assessment of students’ understanding of the subject matters so that s/he can elaborate on the contents of which students have not fully grasped. The proposed project also aligns with University’s key strategic plan in Academic Development and Research area, i.e., “Promote e-learning and develop innovative pedagogies using and incorporating digital and online education technologies”.

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