Lingnan University TDG Database

Project Code Project Title Abstract Principal Project Supervisor Budget Year Department
102902 Discipline Based Mini Lectures for English Enhancement

The project aims to develop a range of mini-lecture videos to equip students with key language skills they will have to utilise in order to...

Mr. LEBANE Marc Craig 2016-2019 Centre for English and Additional Languages
102460 Increasing Student Participation, Comprehension, and Engagement Through Use of a Classroom Response System

The proposed project is to integrate an electronic Classroom Response System (CRS) for Lingnan courses to increase student engagement,...

Prof. FROME Jonathan 2016-2019 Department of Visual Studies
102459 Service-Learning impacts on teaching and learning from graduates’ perspectives

Service-Learning (S-L), which reflects Lingnan’s motto “Education for Service”, has been integrated into the curriculum in Lingnan University...

Prof. SNELL Robin Stanley 2016-2019 Office of Service-Learning
102458 Control Group Study on Impact of Service-Learning on University Students' Learning

Service-Learning (S-L) was introduced as a graduation requirement in Lingnan University in 2016-17. Although many studies have indicated that S-L...

Prof. SNELL Robin Stanley 2016-2019 Office of Service-Learning
102457 Improvement and Optimization of Online Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement System

The purpose of the proposed project is to enhance the existing course teaching and learning enhancement system. The system was first developed by...

Ms. HO Wai-man, Grace 2016-2019 Teaching and Learning Centre
102456 Developing the 'Reacting to the Past' Teaching Methodology at Lingnan and in Asia

This project evaluates the potential of the 'Reacting to the Past' (RTTP) method of game-based learning to contribute to student achievement in...

Prof. CHOU Grace, Ai-ling 2016-2019 Department of History