Lingnan University TDG Database

Project Code Project Title Abstract Principal Project Supervisor Budget Year Department
102902 Discipline Based Mini Lectures for English Enhancement

The project aims to develop a range of mini-lecture videos to equip students with key language skills they will have to utilise in order to...

Mr. LEBANE Marc Craig 2016-2019 Centre for English and Additional Languages
102493 Development of Teaching and Learning Materials for an ELE Elective: Improving English Pronunciation through Text Performance

Also known as reading aloud, text performance is the use of voice to engage with a written text and is an excellent way to improve one’s...

Prof. KONG Chak Chung, Kenneth 2019-2022 Centre for English and Additional Languages
102492 Flipped Blended Learning in English for Professional Communication Courses

This project has two aims: (i) to develop technology-enhanced learning at the “frontier level” by integrating state-of-the-art digital education...

Dr. GARRALDA ORTEGA Angel 2019-2022 Centre for English and Additional Languages
102491 Adopting Visual Components and Experiential Learning in History Classes

The proposed project aims to develop new visual components and experiential learning activities enhanced by digital education technologies in...

Prof. DU Chunmei 2019-2022 Department of History
102490 Engaging Student Learning of Professional Subjects Through Interactive e-learning Platforms

Accounting courses usually require student to apply various professional standards or laws and regulations to calculate and prepare business...

Prof. LO Wai Yee, Agnes 2019-2022 Department of Accountancy
102489 Flipping Data Science Classrooms with Peer Instruction and Just-in-time Teaching

This project aims to solve three pedagogical issues observed by the PPS in data science classrooms. Firstly, few data science classes integrate...

Prof. XIE Haoran 2019-2022 Department of Computing and Decision Sciences