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TLC Spotlight Projects

The Learning and Teaching Development Programme
The Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP) is a work-based professional development programme for higher education professionals, PhD students and graduates, newly hired university educators and others interested in enriching their teaching and development experiences at Lingnan University. The 7 LTDP study units are tailored to help participants quickly adapt to a Liberal Arts context and are arranged into workshop/ seminars that are interactive and will reflect good practice to encourage innovative and creative strategies in teaching and learning.
Lingnan University Peer Learning Facilitation (PLF)

Lingnan University Peer Learning Facilitation offer Lingnanians free tutoring and learning support for their courses. Our services at the Peer Learning Center are guided by the following philosophical principles:

The ultimate goal of peer learning is student independence. The facilitator's role is never to do students' work for them, but rather to help students solve their own academic problems.

Facilitators aim to help students grow as learners holistically, rather than simply perform well on a specific homework assignment, paper, or test.

Facilitators try to share their intellectual excitement and enthusiasm for learning, but they never try to impose their own ideas, beliefs, or values on students.

IT Fluency Programme

New students entering universities in Hong Kong are becoming progressively more Information Technology literate and often have a high level of PC skills. However, not withstanding existing skills, they may not be sufficiently equipped to identify, search, use and present information effectively for learning and in their daily lives. The University has mandated that in the future all students will be required to demonstrate IT competency as a graduation requirement.

The Centre for the Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education
The Centre for the Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) was established in 2013 with the help of a grant from the UGC. Its purpose is to sustain the momentum of the developments in OBE within Lingnan University and the other UGC funded institutions in Hong Kong. To achieve this, it supports existing developments in Outcomes-Based approaches to teaching and learning (OBATL), promotes new initiatives, fosters scholarship in the area and provides a forum for communication of initiatives and sharing of best practice within Lingnan and inter-institutionally
e-Portfolio for Assessment

The site provides teachers and students with a teaching and learning environment that is highly student-centred, one that can support and enhance personalised learning. Students can incorporate blogs (reflective writing), audio, video, embedded powerpoints, graphics, posters, concept maps and photographs in creative ways to provide evidence of learning activities, processes and/ or learning outcomes. The use of student-created media provides an opportunity for students to express themselves creatively.

Podcasting in Lingnan

The Lingnan University channels contain podcasts and vodcasts from a number of academic domains. Students and staff are free to view, download and share the podcasts and vodcasts. The media files are presented in a number of formats that support viewing online, download or off-line viewing using a mobile phone or similar (iPad).

The Project and Research Clearinghouse (PRC) database

The Project and Research Clearinghouse (PRC) is an interactive online database developed and managed by the Teaching and Learning Centre. It provides updated information about Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) at Lingnan University. The database is intended to promote and enable the sharing of information and good teaching practices.

Online CTLE

Online CTLE is a web-based, ongoing Course, Teaching and Learning evaluation process to supplement the conventional pen-and-paper system.

Online CTLE provides a platform for instructors to voluntarily conduct and devise their own online surveys to collect immediate and formative feedback from students at anytime throughout a semester for the continuous improvement of course and teaching quality.