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Plagiarism Awareness and Detection

For Staff Members

In order to prevent and detect students from plagiarism, Turnitin, a plagiarism detection program incorporated in Moodle, has been instituted as a mandatory platform for submitting major writing assignments for all courses at Lingnan, starting from Term 2, 2016-17.

Teachers are required to create writing assignments of their courses with Turnitin for students’ submission. Here below are some related resources:

· How to create assignments with Turnitin (link)

· How to read Turnitin originality reports (coming soon)

· Workshop on Plagiarism and Turnitin (video recording) (link)

· Focus on Learning- Plagiarism: A Guide for Educators [PDF download] (link)

- TurnItIn official Instructor Manual (link)

For Students

In order to enhance students’ understanding of plagiarism, all new students, including senior years admittees, starting from 2016-17 intake are required to complete an online mini-course entitled ‘Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness’ by the end of their first year in Lingnan. Completion will be indicated by ticking a check-box at the end of the tutorial.

The students will be blocked from course registration for the next academic year if they have not studied the materials by the end of their first academic year in Lingnan . They can check their status on this requirement in Degree Works under the tab ‘Plagiarism Awareness’. (Only those students who are required to complete the course will have the tab shown.)

The Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness is an hour long and consists of video and exercises. Students can access to it at the Lingnan Portal or by clicking the link below:

Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness (link)

Although only the new undergraduate students starting from 2016-17 intake are required to complete the tutorial, all students are encouraged to study the materials and can retrieve the materials as many times as necessary. 

Other Useful Resources:


Turnitin and Moodle: ITSC (Tel: 2616-7995, email:

Online Tutorial: TLC (Tel: 2616-8420 or 2616-7587, email: