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TLC Welcome

High quality teaching and learning are central to the Liberal Arts Educational experience and the TLC supports staff, students and administration to achieve these goals.

Teaching & Learning @ Lingnan

The TLC assists staff to implement an outcomes-based approach to teaching and learning (OBATL), coordinates Teaching Development Grants (TDG), contributes to teaching and learning policies, the development of survey instruments to evaluate the impact of the curriculum on student learning and achievement of graduate attributes, and administers the Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme (TEAS).

Enhancing Student Learning

Enhancing student learning involves professional development for academic and non-academic staff, supporting existing and new academic staff in their development of teaching skills, use of learning technologies for blended learning; supporting innovative teaching practice and training Research Post-graduate students for their role as tutors

The TLC also assists in curriculum alignment (outcomes, activities and assessment), and the development and evaluation of new courses in preparation for the 3-3-4 curriculum in 2012.

The scholarship of teaching

The TLC assists in, and undertakes, research that provides evidence for the impact of teaching innovations on students learning outcomes.

Resources for Staff and Students

The TLC assists in providing strategic and practical advice to non-academic groups such as SSC, OMIP, and OSL, and development of information sessions and training for undergraduate, research post-graduate and taught post-graduate students.

In addition, the TLC creates, hosts and distributes resources for staff and students, including student guides for the management and use of ePorfolios, learning management systems (Moodle and Blackboard), and free and open source software (FOSS) that can be used by students for research and learning.