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Teaching Development Grant Projects for the 2016/17 – 2018/19

Colleagues are invited to submit proposals for funding the Teaching Development Grants in supporting the enhancement of quality in teaching and learning and the implementation of an outcomes-based approach to teaching and learning. 

Funding support for this triennium of TDGs covers the period of 2016/17 – 2018/19. The duration for projects can be up to three years. The maximum funding for a one-year project is normally capped at HK$200,000. For further information, please refer to the funding policies and procedures.

The Teaching and Learning Centre invites applications three times a year. The respective schedule for application is: 

Call for Applications

Applications Due

Results Announcement


2nd week of September

2nd week of October



1st week of December

3rd week of January



1st week of March

2nd week of April


Application forms are obtainable here. For enquiries, please contact Ms Grace Ho ( or extension 7584) regarding the logistics or Prof. Eugenia Ng ( or extension 7578) regarding interests in submitting TDG proposals.


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